The project has moved to Google Code. Please check the project page for new releases.

Old releases:



Version 0.7.0 - Thursday Friday 9 2011

- Support for VirtualBox 4.1.2 (regular and OSE)
- Removed the media management dialog. Now all media must be attached to a VM.
- Removed the ability to create a VM using an existing hard disk (see above).
- Removed the OS Type combobox.
- Added option to select the number of CPUs in the guest VM.

Version 0.5.2 - Thursday August 26 2010

- Support for VirtualBox 3.2.8 (regular and OSE)

Version 0.5.1 - Sunday May 16 2010

- Support for VirtualBox 3.1.x (regular and OSE)
- Added cs translation.

Version 0.5.0 - Sunday June 20 2009

- Major rewrite to support the VirtualBox Python API. Most of the model (cruft) has been eliminated.
- Support for >=VirtualBox-OSE-2.2.2 only
- Added internationalization support
- More install-friendly with distutils
- Temporarily removed option to change HD image

Version 0.4.1 - Monday February 16 2009

- Initial support for VirtualBox-2.1.x. Some things (snapshots) may not work 100%.
- VirtualBox versions lower than 2.1 NOT supported. Use vboxgtk-0.4.0 for those versions.

Version 0.4.0 - Saturday June 21 2008

- Better support for snapshots
- Client/server architecture. Exiting the interface no longer stops the running VMs
- Added support for VirtualBox 1.6.x

Version 0.3.0 - Saturday June 7 2008

- Support for network configuration (one interface)
- Changes to are now applied automatically when the VM is started or the program exits
- CD/DVD images can now be attached to more than one VM
- Added more tooltips and fixed a couple of typos (thanks Vadim Peretokin)

Version 0.2.0 - Sunday June 1 2008

- Initial support for snapshots
- Support for suspend/resume
- Interface changes

Version 0.1.1 - Monday May 26 2008

- Initial release


VBoxGtk was developed by Francisco J. Vázquez Araújo. If you have any suggestion feel free to contact me at fjvazquezaraujo at gmail dot com